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How to be a Traffic Reseller ?

On the 03 February 2018

This is the easiest and the fastest way to start earning money with us, you just use your affiliate link to send the traffic to us and from each of the sales your clients made you receive a commission, all the commissions are recurrent and you receive payments from all the sales with no expiration date.
We make payouts to your PayPal account with the minimum of $100.
It works this way:

  • 1. If you do not have an account with us then you register here
  • 2. Proceed to the Reseller Dashboard
  • 3. You will see your affiliate link, for example: Your affiliate link: http://www.visitorboost.com/?ref=1
  • 4. Advertise this link wherever you can
  • 5. Once your balance in the Reseller Dashboard reaches at least $100 you can ask for a payout or change it to traffic credits by sending an email to [email protected]

Your commissions depends on how many active affiliate you’ve had in your account, the rates are:

  • Bronze – 20% (below 10 referrals)
  • Silver – 22% (over 10 referrals)
  • Gold – 24% (over 30 referrals)
  • Platinum – 26% (over 50 referrals)
  • Diamond – 28% (over 70 referrals)
  • Antimatter – 30% (over 100 referrals)

Keep in mind that we don’t allow you to be your own referral and we strictly check all our affiliates for it, if we detect such activity we may block your reseller account.


With every purchase at us you receive 1 free demo credit on your account, so you can use it for demo purposes for your clients.
Keep in mind that demo credits can only be used for the domains that are not in our database yet and they cannot be used for short links, redirects nor for affiliate links.

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