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Whether you run an online business selling products, or an information site, you can't be successful without visitors. People need to see your site, all the time! Why waste money on unpredictible banner ads or expensive search engine inclusion programs when you can buy guaranteed, targeted visitors at an affordable rate?

These are live people browsing sites in the category you choose. We offer over 100 categories so that you can target your traffic and only receive visitors interested in the topic you choose, and if you only want to market to individuals in certain countries, you can target geographically as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this all work?

Your website is shown in a full-screen popunder window on websites in our publisher network. When someone visits one of our network sites in the category you chose, we send that visitor to your site. The window will automatically adjust itself to fit the viewer's maximum screen resolution. We never send you traffic from autosurf programs, mini popups, or scripts like other companies.

What is the ordering process like?

Just fill out the order form and make your payment to get started. Within minutes you'll receive a confirmation mail with login information to view your traffic campaign status in our customer area online. In the customer area, you can keep track of how many visitors you've received so far, and change campaign settings, like delivery speed or the webpage you want to advertise.

How are your prices so low?

Volume! We deal with so much traffic that we can keep our prices low and save you money. Not only that, but our traffic is high quality. There are many resellers out there with prices up to 10 times ours. Why? Because they're buying from us!

Are there any website restrictions?

Yes, the page that you use for your campaign cannot contain any of the following:
  • Automatically playing videos or music
  • Popup windows or prompts on load or exit
  • Malware, software installers or malicious scripts
  • Adult content or content which promotes illegal activity

What are your targeting categories?

There are over 100 categories to choose from which you can select on the order form.

Do you use spam to generate visitors?

No, we only use full-screen popunders to send you visitors.

What is a popunder?

A popunder is like a popup, except that it loads underneath the current page rather than over it. This type of advertising generates a better response because it is less intrusive to the visitor. Also, our popunder windows automatically adjust to fit themselves to the viewer's maximum screen resolution, so your site is always shown in a full-screen browser window.

What if a visitor has a pop-up blocker?

If a visitor has a popup blocker, we will either not show any website to that visitor, or if possible shown an inline popup of at least 800x600 size over the current webpage. Either way, a visit will only be counted against a campaign if your website is successfully shown to someone.

Do you offer statistics?

Yes, you will be able to view the progress of your campaign through a customer area. Login information will be e-mailed to you after you place an order.

How long does it take to get started?

Your campaign will begin within 1-2 business days of receiving your order, which allows us time to review your targeting settings and ensure your webpage does not violate any of the restrictions mentioned above. Often orders begin within just a few hours.

Why does my hit counter not match your stats?

There are several reasons a visit might not register with your counter:
  • A user cancels out the window before your site loads
  • The user is on a slow connection and the request times out
  • The user is behind an ISP with a proxy ex. AOL
  • The user's browser served the page from cache instead of your server
  • Your site was unavailable at the time of request
  • Your tracking software was unavailable at the time of request
  • Your tracking software could not handle concurrent connections
You should check your web server access logs or log based stats such as Awstats, Webalizer or Urchin for the most accurate statistics. These are often run once a day on the previous day's server logs, making them 24 hours behind.

If you still have any issues with your order, send us an e-mail and we'll take care of you right away!

How long does a campaign last?

Most campaigns are delivered within 30 days. You can set a daily cap from your control panel to limit the number of visitors you receive per day. You can order in bulk for the biggest discounts and spread out the traffic over multiple months. We can fully deliver many campaigns in as little as a week if you set you set your daily cap to a high rate, but larger orders may take more time.

Will I be automatically billed each month?

Yes, All our purchases are by default recurrent monthly subscriptions so your traffic won't stop if you forget to renew the campaign. There are no hidden fees or extra charges.

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